25th Anniversary

In September 2023 our Charity, Alburgh with Denton Preschool Nursery is celebrating the 25th Anniversary, of our preschool working in collaboration with Alburgh with Denton Primary Academy, to ensure consistent education and smooth transitions into Primary school, for all our children from the age of 2 years. 

The preschool began its journey at Alburgh Village Hall as a playgroup, running for 2.5 hours, two mornings a week, we took over the provision in June 1993 and began developing the playgroup. Our aim was to raise the standards of Early Education and look for a more appropriate building to operate from, so that we could open more often across the week and open for longer sessions.

We were given the opportunity to move onto the Primary school site, however, we needed to buy our own building to do this, as the primary school did not have any available space inside their building for us to use.

In 1998 after much fundraising, we had raised approx. £9,000.00 (which was a lot of money at the time), we applied to the National Lottery and with support from our (then) local MP John McGregor, they agreed to match the funds raised- which was enough for us to buy our own prefabricated building, which we were all very proud of.

Alburgh with Denton Preschool Nursery opened its doors for business on the 5th September 1998, since then we have gone from strength to strength, opening for longer hours throughout the day, and extending to 5 days a week and open for 50 weeks of the year.

In 2012 Norfolk County Council replaced our tired building with a brand-new modular building, which is the building we operate out of today.

In September 2018 we opened our 2nd Nursery the Harleston Preschool Nursery, once again with the aim to work closely with the Harleston Primary Academy to enable wrap around childcare for families in Harleston, for children aged from 2 years old, and provide afterschool and holiday clubs to preschool and school aged children.

To celebrate this fantastic achievement, we are joining forces with Alburgh with Denton Primary Academy, for a week to remember. The Circus Ferrel will be entertaining the school and Preschool children during the week, teaching them circus skills and supporting our children to be physically active. On the Friday evening (22nd Sept) will be the first of 2 circus shows for the children to watch, and on Saturday the 23rd September at 12 midday the Primary Academy and the Preschool, will be opening their doors for families and members of our community to come and look around.