Fees & Funding

• Our hourly childcare rate is £3.40.

The cost for a morning session is £ 12.75 (based on 9am-12.45pm), afternoon sessions £ 11.90 (based on 1.30-5pm), Full day sessions £ 25.50 (based on 9-4.30pm) hours can be extended as required.

Children who are 3 years old (from the term after they are 3) are eligible for free funding of up to 15 hours a week; 38 weeks of the year. Your child may also be eligible for 30 hour funding, click on this link to find out more.

You may also stretch your 15 and 30-hour funding entitlement to enable your child to access the holiday clubs if required.

Approximate cut off dates for each term are as follows;

• 31st August – Autumn Term
• 31st December - Spring Term
• 31st March – Summer Term

All claims for 30 hour funding must be made prior to the cut-off date, to receive an eligibility code; before we can claim 30 hour funding for your child we will require the eligibility number, your NI number and your Date of Birth.

There is funding available for 2 year olds, for families that meet the criteria laid down by Norfolk County Council. More information can be sought from the N/C/C website - click here

To view the NCC Early Education information for parents/ carers booklet - please click here

We do not have a compulsory uniform, but we do have our own t/shirts and sweat shirts available for sale. Price T/shirts £3.50, Sweat shirts £6.50. These help to give the children a sense of identity within the setting, and ensure that children come appropriately dressed in clothes that can be covered in paint or glue without worries. Sweat/t shirts can be purchased either at the setting or direct from the company Retro Alley website - click here